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BE1NG ONE | family photography

Is there any birthday that’s more fun the 1st?

The first year of life is so full of adventure. For everybody involved.

Including Brady (the yellow lab)

But being “1″ really is all that.

The giggles! Oh the giggles!

And the looks! Especially the looks…

Happy Birthday Benjamin!


HI SABRINA | maternity & newborn photography

Not often do I combine a maternity post with a newborn post but being that I’m so behind, here goes.

With the temperature climbing the way it’s been, it’s tough to remember the chill that once took your breath away.

When I met with D & D, it was one of those days.

We started off in the studio with their maternity shots and decided to head out for some fun outdoor ones since there was snow on the ground.

Despite the chill, these two were positively exuberant.

Their little girl would be welcomed into a home full of joy.

She really did positively glow. Her skin was amazing and I was so jealous.

The wind was brutal that day but we did work it to our advantage with it blowing through her hair

And here we are with baby Sabrina. Isn’t she a gem?

You just know she’s got Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Despite the lack of sleep, Dad isn’t withholding any lovin’.

Who’s lacking sleep?

Lots of love to the “G” family.


ALL MINE, SORT OF | newborn photography

I was blessed early this year with the arrival of a little niece.

Let me tell you how bummed out I am that she lives clear over yonder might as well be another planet, Hawaii!

However, I have the best in laws that a girl can ask for, and they flew me out to see my brand new beautiful little niece.


She is so precious.

And although I do not get to hold her and smooch her as often as I would like,

I’m so excited to have been there to photograph her first days.

She’s already getting to be a big girl.

And the next time I get to see her, she may even be able to waddle to me.

But she’s part of our little family, and despite the distance, our love only gets stronger.


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